Michael Anthony Martinez

Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Trained on the concrete streets of Los Angeles, CA. If you were at the club, you would find him right next to the speaker feeling every moment of sound.

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Aurally inspired by radical beats, ethereal atmospheres, sweet melodies and big room basslines, you’ll feel every ounce of sound drip in your ear at a micro  level, similar to the sound of rain and the feeling of drops as it splashes on your skin.

His surreal approach is imaginative, creative and visual, galluping forward from a visual art background and Spanish and Native American influence he’s drawn to drums and strings.

Lush soundscapes will fill your ear, but you only have to be willing to let go of all expectation and let the sounds guide you, leaving you in control of your imagination, similar to reading a book. Only here, he paints a picture and you pick your destination. Whether you’re laying back looking at the stars or shaking off your weekday stress, Michael’s got the cure.

Original Music and Remixes:

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