MENdar Ibrahimi (KS): Infinite Zero Agency Interview

All photos provided by Mr. Ibrahimi 

IZA: What first got you interested in music?

MENdar: Since I was young in age I’ve had a passion for music. Music is a tradition in my family since my father is a music professor. So I guess I followed in his footsteps! Of course the support of my family is what made me what I am today.

IZA: How’s the local electronic music scene in Kosovo?

MENdar: The local electronic music scene in my homeland Kosovo is great! We’ve made a lot of progress in the last few years. Prizren is the city that I’m from. We’ve had a lot of big festivals which are quite popular in Kosovo such as Ngom Fest, Doku Fest, and Bunar Fest, all which I’ve performed at this year.

IZA: What projects are you currently working on?

MENdar:  I’m more active at DJ sets & Podcasts for Ireland’s famous Innervisions Radio where I’m a resident. Soon I’ll start producing my own music with a few collaborations. I’m keeping it as a surprise for the moment.

IZA: What favorite local Clubs have you played at and how was the experience?

MENdar:  I wasn’t much active playing in Night Clubs as much as Festivals. The few festivals I played at and had the best experience were at: Ngom Fest, a pre- party for Doku Fest, Bunar Fest, Turtle Fest, Into the Park, Piknik Fest and Pasha Fest. Each and every one of these festivals was a big experience for me, especially seeing the big crowds and the great energy it gives towards the love of your music.

IZA: What are top qualities in your opinion that make a DJ successful?

MENdar: The top quality that makes a DJ successful is definitely the passion for music and to love what you do. The passion for music is what keeps the DJ growing bigger and bigger and most active than ever.

The second top quality in my opinion is the quality of music you play. The quality of your music defines you as a DJ, being yourself and having your own style is also quite important. Being able to give the crowd the positive energy that you have within you is what I think makes a DJ successful.

IZA: Your DJ sets sound extraordinary. How often do you mix music and what inspires you to mix and create?

MENdar:  First of all thank you. I’m glad you enjoy my music and I’m happy for that. I don’t mix, just when it comes to radio podcasts and sets. I mix most of my free time and also sometimes with DJ’s Vigan Grapci and Trim Gjurgjeala who are also my good friends. We play private parties and play for fun because its what we enjoy doing.

What inspires me to mix and create are the people who like and enjoy the music I play. I do it for them because they’re a big part of my success and I always want to be active and in touch with the music.

IZA: Do you play any instruments?

MENdar:  Honestly not so much. I’ve played a little accordion when I was younger which is the instrument my father plays. My father taught me how to play the accordion, but hasn’t played it much.

IZA: What are your instruments of choice?

MENdar: The instrument I love and prefer to work with is the digital synthesizer.

IZA: Who are your favorite DJ’s and Producers at the moment?

MENdar:  Honestly there are so many favorite artists of mine such as: Adriatique, Edu Imbernon, Ten Walls, Mind Against, Alex Niggemann, Davi, and Henry Saiz. These are my top favorite artists and producers.

IZA: What are your future goals with music? Where would you like to tour?

MENdar: As I mentioned earlier; I’ll start producing my own music soon and hope to sign to the big labels. My goals are to work hard on many productions, many events, and hopefully tour around the world. I’d like to tour in Ireland where my career started and have been a part of their label for four years now. I’d also like to tour in America, experience the different places, different crowds and Mexico is definitely a place I’d like to tour and visit soon hopefully.

IZA: Please feel free to share with me what you think is important to you and your fans.

What’s important to me is of course the positive feedback of my work, whether its my sets or my live performances. The positive comments that people give me, is what makes me proud. I keep my fans close and I stay in touch with them all the time. I do this for the fans as much I do it for passion!

IZA: What do you like to do for fun, besides music?

MENdar:  Besides music, I like to play football and play ping-pong twice a week for fun, but most of my time is spent on music.

Please visit his artist page for biography and music.

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