Julian Marazuela Interview English Translation

Translation from Spanish to English: by Alberto Ramon Gutierrez – Chicago Talent Agent

Interview also available in Espanol.

IZA: How did you get started in music?

Well, it happened over many years, but as a listener, I’ve always preferred to consider myself a listener before a producer or DJ. When I was a child British tourists visited where I live bringing with them their music and that’s where I began listening to hand crafted electronic music (old skool hardcore, house 1992/1997). During these times I was very green and asked what I need to acquire to make that kind of music, but at the time it was complicated, difficult and I needed to invest much money; moreover, the media was more inaccessible.

IZA: What’s the local scene like where you live and in Spain at large?

The truth is where I live it’s quite far from what I make (Progressive/Techno), which is very Tech and Deep, because I’m also influenced by what my relation is to the people here who are immersed in it and within which there are important people good friends.

IZA: What projects are you working on currently?

Currently I’m in a bit of a “Sabbatical” mode wherein my work has me occupied nearly all day so I get tired and can’t enjoy all I want though we can always find space; it’s been good for making investments in the studio like renovating and buying new equipment to improve the studio. I’m presently holding down focus on my other project under the creative name Lionel Ross, making more Deep and Tech cuts and finishing a track with a partner Gerson Reyes, with the info on that coming real soon.

IZA: Which are your favorite clubs to play and what’s been your experience?

Well, I’ve played various private Club parties sharing the booth with great friends here like Hanfry Martines, Alex Kentucky, Rayco Santos, DJ Drummer, Josue Torres and others on the scene here who I have a great relationship with. There are lots of great local spots that I can enjoy and luckily see a great reaction from the crowd.

IZA:  What qualities come together to make a good DJ?

Overall, having lots of personality in selecting music as well as its interaction with the crowd and it’s affect on the enjoyment; someone who knows what to play and what they enjoy playing.

IZA: Your sessions and productions sound extraordinary. How often do you create and what inspires them? 

That’s nice to hear and gives me inspiration to continue creating. I don’t have an established schedule for creating, I just enjoy creating and creating when I crave it. There’s not pressure during the music making time, I don’t contemplate it like that, if so EDM would be made by me to obtain money or be a part of marketing which is not how I identify with making it.

IZA: Do you play an instrument?

I don’t, but I have not ruled out learning to in the future; I maintain the idea that the head is greatest tool.
IZA: What apparatuses or equipment are your favorite for producing?

Like I said above, our best instrument is our head, even greater than the best software or hardware; I have basic equipment that I use confidently to unleash my creativity and inspiration. I use my Maschine Mikro with Casio CTK 800 keyboard, which I love for obtaining various sounds without underestimating the effect of emulators of older music devices like Roland and Korgs.

IZA:  Who are your favorite DJs and producers at the moment?

I have thanks for God greatly, which influences my enjoyment and inspiration in listening to music and a love for the modern media’s methods of making music through which a variety of great talents emerge which were previously impossible to hear or know. I admire former producers to which I owe my love of electronic music such as Prodigy, Altern 8, Acen, Psychotropic, Shades of rhythm and many others and now having other references that I love and others I think are incredible like Com Truise, Vince Watson, Funk Dvoid, Chymera,Henry Saiz, Ian Odonovan, Jody Wisternoff just to name a few. As for DJs, I greatly admire Hernan Cattaneo and Andy C for they ability, talent and years of faithfulness to their sound without falling into the clutches of money or marketing.

IZA; What are your future goals with music? Do you like to travel?

Well the goals are growing and I feel satisfied with music, enjoying it and growing the number of people that feel attracted to what I make is enough for me. I like to travel to every place I possibly can; I can’t imagine a life without knowing the world!

IZA:  What things are most important to you and your fans?

I appreciate all of them, and do not like to let them down; they are a great motivation, and because of that I will always prefer a small group of quality fans over millions of victims of bad quality; otherwise I wouldn’t make “underground music.”

IZA:  What other things do you find entertaining and what do you like besides music?

Well, like with any other normal person, my friends, being with my dog Humphrey, sports, nature (in my free time I manage an official FACEBOOK page about the fauna and flora where I live) and many many other things.

Please visit Julian’s Artist Page for original music, social networks and a list of world renowned record labels and artists he’s worked with.

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