“AudioBuddha aka Steve Brisk, is one of Santa Fe’s favorite experimental/electronic bands and one of the winners of The Santa Fe Reporter’s “Best of Santa Fe” 2008-2009 has recently undergone a major reincarnation.”

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“Formerly a trio, AudioBuddha is now a solo act – featuring Steve Brisk. Nathaniel and Ishtar have both left the project to resume their various travels and studies, but Steve, the founder of the band, has kept the spirit and sound of AudioBuddha alive and has reworked the compositions of the band, giving them new life. His vision has come full-circle, and, as in the beginning, he now performs the music solo as a DJ and master of live electronic sound. The resulting sound continues to be a sonic representation of the band’s core philosophies of environmentalism, earth-centered feminism, and social justice.

AudioBuddha’s orchestral electronic sound nurtures the ears, hearts and minds of listeners, while the  danceable Latin , South American, and Middle Eastern-inspired electronica beats work their way into the body. AudioBuddha IS New Mexico Electro!”

United States

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