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Steve Birch (UK): Infinite Zero Agency Interview

Steve Birch aka Merlin’s Apprentice was “spaced-out,” but can see clearly now.  You’ll find Steve dancing  in the woods “having it” after his DJ sets.  Infinite found him while listening to a fantastic trance artist we’ve  been following  since early 2000 by the name of John 00 Fleming through his ‘Global Trance Radio’  featured guest podcast. Upon introduction, I was intrigued by Steve’s in depth knowledge and passion with Psychedelic Trance music.

Allow me to  present to you our exclusive interview with Mr. Birch.

Moonlight Serenade


Rave New World presents From their website:

Welcome to our first event! We are so excited to jump in and have a hand in helping the scene thrive here in New Mexico. We want this to be an introduction to us as Rave New World and show you all what we are all about. We want this to be fully about the music and the experience of coming together with others who share that love for it. We have some of your favorite locals lined up for this event and will be announcing them very soon! We will be selling $10 tickets for this to cover the expenses involved so you will be fully supporting the event, the cause and all those involved with making this happen. This first event will also be a melting pot of sub genres of electronic music so there will be something for everyone. We will be looking into bringing performers to be a part of this event as well. We want to bring you guys as many things as possible to make it an experience you will not forget.

Please visit their Facebook page for more information and updates.