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Audio Buddha debuts new music on The Big Show | KBAC |

We’re very excited to share with you Audio Buddha’s live radio interview with Honey Harris on KBAC Santa Fe.  He will be performing a live PA production set along with DJ Sunuvphun aka James Breslin this weekend from 10pm – 1:30 am  in the 2nd Floor Lounge at Skylight Santa Fe.

Audio Buddha debuts new music on The Big Show | KBAC |

Maria Chavez of Solstice Belly Dance: IZA Exclusive Interview

Promo Photo by CM Moore, Copyright 2015.

IZA: How did you first get involved in Dance? “I saw a belly dancer at a local Middle Eastern Restaurant in Albuquerque when I was 16 years old. I then started taking classes at a studio called Dancers Supporting Dancers Ethnic Arts Studio here. The rest is history. I now direct my own dance troupe, Four Winds Belly Dance, from Albuquerque, NM. Read Full Interview

DJ Sunuvphun is a former ‘jazz elitist’ by: Skylar Griego

He looked up again; it was four in the morning. DJ Sunuvphun would have to get up soon to work his day job as a roofer, as his wife Sarah had reminded him the night before. Another night was lost in creating music.

Breslin, 34, said he frequently experiences this while working at his DAW to produce his own music. It is time-consuming and difficult to put down, he said. The Daily Lobo asked Breslin about his experiences as a local DJ…”  View Interview 

Steve Birch (UK): Infinite Zero Agency Interview

Steve Birch aka Merlin’s Apprentice was “spaced-out,” but can see clearly now.  You’ll find Steve dancing  in the woods “having it” after his DJ sets.  Infinite found him while listening to a fantastic trance artist we’ve  been following  since early 2000 by the name of John 00 Fleming through his ‘Global Trance Radio’  featured guest podcast. Upon introduction, I was intrigued by Steve’s in depth knowledge and passion with Psychedelic Trance music.

Allow me to  present to you our exclusive interview with Mr. Birch.